【Protect the Anomalous】
  NEW YORK FASHION WEEK • Runway • Collection

Society has long judged us for being different than others. From the way we look, who we love, to the way we dress, and even the way our bodies function, someone is always judging us and trying to force us to conform. The playful but heartbreaking collection from Yi Pan, MFA Fashion Design, was originally inspired by this idea, shown in the short film “Being Pretty,” a dark cyberpunk animation film about how anyone who is different and not considered attractive by society becomes ostracized. Despite the dark theme, the collection will take your breath away.

Design by YI PAN @bonniepan118

Directed by @simonungless

Guided by @iukoaloha

Styled by @marcell_rocha

Photo by @randybrooke

Peach taffeta hourglass shape long dress with yellow silk taffeta long sleeve inner dress over peach silk knit hoodie and peach taffeta hat.



Yellow green taffeta high collar swell double U shape long sleeve coat over washed-out teal silk knit hoodie with mint green silk taffeta bulge bottom pleated pants and washed-out blue silk taffeta hat.


Olive taffeta with mint green long stripe opening gap leg design Jumpsuit over teal silk knit hoodie and mint green silk taffeta hat.


Dark green short taffeta jacket over teal silk knit hoodie with dark green side round stripe pants and dark green taffeta hat. 

Pan’s garments are made to be worn by those who have disabilities or bodies that society considers different. She aims to have these individuals feel comfortable and beautiful in their bodies when they put on her garments. Embracing who you are can be tough, but the first step, according to the designer, is being able to wear an outfit comfortably.

Growing up in China, Pan could relate to the society shown in “Being Pretty.” For her, China has a strict surrounding and it has great challenges when it comes to being more open to the consideration of change. After finishing school at Beijing Union University, Pan came to the Academy of Art University to study fashion and was amazed at the freedom that America has. This collection is her homage to a culmination of her people, her country and the feelings she experienced with her time in the States.


Light teal silk taffeta U shape cutout long lantern sleeves dress over washed-out blue silk knit hoodie with washed-out blue silk knit leggings and teal blue hat.


Yellow silk taffeta double layer side pockets dress over bright yellow silk knit hoodie with washed-out yellow silk knit long skirt and yellow silk taffeta hat.


Yellow blue taffeta triangle shape sleeve stripe design detail jacket over mint green silk taffeta puff sleeve single welt pocket shirt dress with mint green silk taffeta soft straight pants and arctic blue silk taffeta hat.


Peach taffeta V line front eye details chest trumpet sleeve long jacket over light yellow silk knit hoodie dress over yellow silk taffeta detail design collar stand shirt  with yellow strap long inner dress  and peach taffeta hat.

Protect the Anomalous the colors and silhouettes used in the collection are thoughtfully chosen to help embrace the idea of personal beauty. By choosing the pastel, delicate fabrics and long, flowing silhouettes, Pan creates a collection that is soft, graceful, and functional. Pan uses silk taffeta to create inflated shapes, which are overproportioned so that the wearer is shielded from society in a coat of armor. The large cut-out holes featured in several garments are there to express that everyone has differences hiding beneath their masks. It’s an imperative reminder to embrace the differences that make you who you are.

【Protect the Anomalous】
  NYFW • Runway Collection • Process

Look 1 Toile Develop

Look1 Toile Fitting

Look1 Unfinished Garments Fitting

Look2 Toile Develop

Look2 Unfinished Garments Fitting

Look3 Toile Develop

Develop from two pieces(top+pants) to one piece(jumpsuit)

Look3 Unfinished Garments Fitting

Look4 Toile Fitting

Look4 Unfinished Garments

Look5 Toile Develop 

Look5 Unfinished Garments

Look6 Toile Develop 

Look6 Unfinished Garments

Look7 Toile Develop

Look7 Unfinished Garments Fitting

Look8 Unfinished Toile Develop

Look8 Unfinished Garments Fitting

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